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We'll design all the necessary elements for your startup to shine and succeed. This is our bundle inclusive of all our packages offering

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What's included?

  • Updates shared on a weekly basis
  • Async Communication
  • Intro call and set ups
  • 3 rounds of revisions included
  • Estimated timeframe early on
  • Full documentation included

How it works?

  1. Submit your requirements

    Send us your brand guidelines and requirements via Trello and we'll translate it into a finished product.

  2. Receive completed package

    We'll send you the completed package within a few weeks, more complex packages might take more time.

  3. Get up to 3 revision rounds

    If you're not satisfied with the result, you can get up to 3 revision rounds to make sure you're 100% satisfied.

Dive into a world where your design possibilities are limitless, and satisfaction is guaranteed

Startup Pack

Starting from
$ 12,000

We'll design all the necessary elements for your startup to shine and succeed. This is our bundle inclusive of all our packages offering

  • MVP Product Design
  • Branded Design Pack
  • Design System
  • Website Design
  • Audits
  • Documentation

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does the Packages contract work?

    There's no contract so to speak, this is more similar to buying a digital product on the web, except it's personalized to your specifications.

  • What is your refund policy?

    We don't offer refunds for our packages, if you're unsatisfied with the result you get up to 3 revision rounds to make sure you're happy with your deliverables.

  • How do I send requirements?

    For Packages, an intro call is included to discuss your requirements and brand guidelines, you can send them over in your format of choice or use our template.

  • What programs do you design in?

    We mainly design in Figma, but also use the Adobe Creative Suite where applicable

  • Who are the designers?

    Nordlean is a one-man agency with our principal designer Vas working and overseeing most of the production, although we use other freelancers on occasion.

  • What language/framework will the website be built in?

    We offer no-code sites built with Framer and Webflow as well as custom coded websites in HTML&CSS. We also offer custom site builds with JAMStack technologies for an extra fee.

  • How can I communicate with you?

    All communications happen within Slack. We work asynchronously, and tend to reply within 24 hours for all requests.

  • What is NOT included in the MVP Product Design package?

    The package only includes the design of a main set of product functionalities with edge cases and onboarding, account management and settings. The package does not include multiple modules/complex functionalities.

  • What is NOT included in the Design System package?

    The Design System only includes an organised system and documentation within Figma, documentation on other platforms like ZeroHeight and coded components are NOT included.

  • What is NOT included in the Website Design package?

    The website design package includes an unlimited number of pages, internationalization if required, and Content Management System if built with Framer or Webflow. The custom coded build is not a dynamic site and does not include a Content Management System. We can build you a custom CMS with Prismic for an extra fee

  • What if I don't like the designs?

    You'll have 3 rounds of revisions where we'll rework the designs until you're satisfied, even if it means re-starting from scratch. We'll also share work in progress as we go so you can leave feedback.

  • How fast will I receive my package?

    This depends on the size and complexity of your requirements, but on average the first implementation is delivered within a few weeks to a month, more complex requirements will of course require more time.